Private Water Supply – Testing Services

Safe Water Supply

Are you responsible for supplying drinking water from an independent source to the public or your employees? Ensure the safety and quality of your water with our comprehensive testing services at Coffs Harbour Laboratory.


Who Needs This Information?

If your business or facility relies on private water sources such as rainwater tanks, dams, bores, rivers, or creeks, this information is crucial for you. Private water supplies are common in various establishments, including:

  • Accommodation Providers (Caravan Parks, Hotels and AirBnb)
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Farms and Remote Workplaces
  • Sporting Venues and Schools


Why Test?

  1. Water can harbor disease-causing microorganisms and harmful chemicals.
  2. Serious outbreaks of illness have occurred due to contaminated private water supplies.
  3. Contamination sources include sewage overflows, septic tanks, animals, fertilizers, pesticides, and roofing materials like lead.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Ensure your private water supply is safe for use; consumers must be warned if it’s contaminated or untreated.
  • Businesses using private water for food prep must adhere to the Food Standards Code, requiring potable water use.
  • Comply with the Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2022 by developing a risk-based drinking water management plan.

Water Testing

Regular testing, as recommended by NSW Health, is essential for private water supply operators. Results must comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines to demonstrate safety.


Coffs Harbour Laboratory Testing Service

Ready to guarantee the safety and quality of your private water supply? Begin by providing us with a sample. For sampling instructions, visit our Samples webpage. In accordance with NSW Health guidelines, we recommend testing for E.Coli monthly and our Shortwater package at least once per year for private water supply testing, listed under ‘Household and Drinking Water Packages’ in our Fees and Charges section.


Non-Compliant Results?

If your test results don’t comply, contact your local Public Health Unit (PHU) of the NSW Ministry of Health at (02) 6589 2120. They can interpret the results, advise on contamination sources, and suggest ways to improve water quality.

Trust Coffs Harbour Laboratory for reliable private water supply testing. Safeguard your consumers and ensure regulatory compliance today!

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