Coffs Harbour Laboratory has an experienced sampling team that can look after your sampling needs.

If you would prefer to collect the samples yourself, you can obtain free sample containers from our laboratory.

Submitting samples to the laboratory correctly allows us to process your samples efficiently and effectively.

Step 1:  Complete Chain of Custody

Fill out a chain of custody for the analysis required – Download Chain of Custody.

Step 2:  Collection

Collect the sample based on the following:

a) Chemical Analysis

Coffs Harbour Laboratory requires a one litre clean glass or plastic container filled so that there is no airspace at the top.  Rinse the bottle twice with the water to be tested before filling with the sample.  The Coffs Harbour Laboratory provides appropriate sample containers that are labelled and pre-dosed with preservatives if required.

b) Bacteriological Analysis

For bacteriological analysis the Laboratory requires approximately 200mls of sample in a wide mouth sterile glass or plastic container with an air space of 1 – 2 cm at the top.

c) Soil Analysis

Collect 500g of sample in a plastic zip lock bag and exclude the air.

d) Oyster Analysis

Submit a minimum of 12 unopened oysters for E.coli testing or a 250ml jar of opened oysters for Biotoxin testing. 

Step 3:  Labelling

Samples should be clearly labelled with the name, address and contact phone number of the relevant person.

Step 4: Storage

All samples should be kept cool until delivered to the Laboratory.  This is particularly important for bacteriological samples which should be received by the Laboratory within 24 hours of collection

Step 4: Delivery of samples

Samples should be delivered to the Coffs Harbour Laboratory located at 38 Gordon Street, Coffs Harbour between Monday to Friday from 8am – 4pm.

Coffs Harbour Laboratory staff can collect samples and field tests if required.  Please contact us for more details.

Turnaround Times

Working Days           Types of Testing

Overnight                      Microbiological results

5 – 7                               Standard testing

7 – 10                            Large batches > 30 samples               

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Fees and Charges

Coffs Harbour Laboratory provides a high quality service at competitive rates.  Our highly skilled and experienced staff will work with you to conduct the right assessment for your needs.  For a full list of fees and charges download the Coffs Harbour Laboratory Fees and Charges