The Coffs Harbour Laboratory is a NATA accredited market leader in providing chemical and microbiological analysis of drinking water, effluents, bore water, tank water, pools and environmental waters.  We monitor a wide range of water, soil, food and leachate samples providing high quality analytical results to local councils, government departments, oyster growers, developers, business and private clients.

The Coffs Harbour Laboratory conducts a range of different services including:

  • Environmental pollution analysis
  • Water quality and algal identification in bores, tanks, springs, rivers, creeks and reservoirs
  • Commercial and private swimming pool water analysis
  • Soil samples from agriculture, building sites, contaminated sites and domestic gardens
  • Acid sulphate soil (POCAS)
  • Surveys of storm water and river ways
  • Oyster Lease Monitoring (Biotoxin and E.coli)
  • Effluent monitoring and sewage process control
  • Pesticide residue detection in food, soil and water
  • Trade waste sampling and testing

Our Tests



Whether it is for irrigation, drinking water or swimming pools, it is important to regularly test the water quality for its intended purpose.


Waste Water

The Coffs Harbour Laboratory regularly tests and monitors the quality of waste waters, biosolids, reclaimed water and the impact of waste discharges for the Coffs Harbour City Council, surrounding councils and private clients.



The NSW Food Authority is a government agency that works to ensure food sold in the State is safe and correctly labelled and that consumers are able to make informed choices about the food they eat.



A soil sample test indicates nutrient deficiencies, potential toxicities from pesticides and levels of trace minerals.

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NATA Accredited

The Coffs Harbour Laboratory is a NATA accredited market leader in providing chemical and microbiological analysis.Read More »